Anahera Herbert-Graves

Ngāti Kahu, Te Rarawa

Welcoming us into her Whare was Whaea Anahera,
an iwi leader and a prominent member of the Ngāti
Kahu Rūnanga. 

She fondly remembers a kōrero that her grandmother shared with her about her great grandfather leaving their home in Waikeri and travelling to Pukepoto. Her Grandmother's last memory was
waving her father goodbye as he rode over the hill in Waikeri, never to return home again. 

He passed away due to the influenza of that time and Whaea Anahera's whānau were restricted from attending his tangi. He was buried on the whenua where he passed. Following this she explains that our tupuna were innovative and knew how to adapt to the times. 

Tikanga changed in that time, such as not being able to mourn. In which we have seen those same forms of changes take place in response to this pandemic.

This is the kōrero that Whaea Anahera shares with us for the oranga of Te Tai Tokerau.

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