Heeni Taukeiaho

Te Rarawa

Whaea Heeni is a stalwart of Pukepoto and her iwi of Te Rarawa. She explains how the pandemics affected her whānau and the remedies whānau were given in order to protect their loved ones. 

One of those remedies is to keep them hydrated. A loved one of hers was in charge of caring for a whānau member who needed to constantly drink water. Exhausted, she fell asleep during the evening and did not hear her younger sister crying out for water. Her younger sister later passed that evening and she felt overwhelming guilt for not having heard her. Whaea Heeni also mentions the tikanga used to notify the community of recent mate, including the use of a gun to warn te iwi.

Mere Lu Anderson

Te Rarawa

Whaea Mere Lu, sister to Whaea Heeni, talks about her childhood memories getting vaccinated at Pukepoto Native School and the various medical advancements that have helped her with her life, medication that has helped her. Whaea Mere Lu talks about the marae, the community and the power that comes from the marae and it’s significance for our people.

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